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Hydration 101

It’s been a HOT summer in Toronto which makes now the perfect time to talk hydration. Think of it as a little summer running hack: hydrating correctly helps you maximize your workouts, keeps you healthy and can actually help you recover! 

Lauren Roberts
What's the deal with muscle cramps?

For those who love the heat, warm weather on race day can be a blessing, but for some warm weather brings on a different type of challenge - muscle cramps. Often attacking the calves, muscle cramps can at times and can be severe enough to sideline runners during a race. We’ve found ourselves discussing them quite a bit lately and thought now would be the perfect time to talk muscle cramps! 

Lauren Roberts
Getting to the Core of Core Strength

Here at The Running Physio we look at the whole picture when treating patients. Often our assessments bring us back to the core, that group of stabilizing muscles that keep everything functioning properly. Having a strong core improves your running posture, speed and even efficiency. The more stabilized your hips and pelvis the more smoothly everything moves which means less wasted energy.

Let's Talk Taper

With Around The Bay just around the corner, March 26th to be exact, we thought now would be the perfect time to talk: taper. Taper week or weeks (depending on your plan), are weeks most runners long for during training but loathe when they finally arrive. This period of reduced running and increased rest right before a race typically throws most runners for a serious loop and fills them with anxiety.

I'm With the Band

Resistance bands - they may not look like much, but these stretchy little numbers pack a powerful punch! Not to be underestimated, resistance bands are a great low-stress way to build strength training into your existing training. Not everyone has the time and means to spend hours a day in the gym, we get that, but band work is easy enough to be done anywhere!

It's All In The Hips

Shakira didn't just write a catchy song, she was telling the truth - your hips don’t lie. At the TRP we can learn a lot about your running, and your entire biomechanics, by looking at your hips. A few weeks ago we discussed the importance of glutes and their role in injury prevention, this week we focus on those hips! Stronger hips, (as well as all of the muscles that surround them) equals better running. Weak hips, hips that over rotate or collapse inward can result in IT band pain, patella tendonitis and a many other common running and overcompensation  injuries. We like to take a preventative approach with our clients and strengthen the hips and surrounding muscles before injuries occur. 

PMA All Day

Most top athletes, regardless of their chosen sport, all share one thing in common - they are positive thinkers. Positive thinking is more than just being a happy, bubbly person, it’s vital for success. Here at TRP we approach treatment mindfully, stay positive and truly understand the value of a solid mind-body connection when treating both injury and performance.

Goal Setting and New Year's Resolutions

Love it or hate it, every year around the first of January gyms become crowded and fitness classes sell out - all under the guise of a short lived commitment to change. Not surprisingly, many don't keep their New Year's Resolutions past the 24 hour mark - but it's not for a lack of trying. A 'culturally prescribed procrastination' may be to blame for our lack of New Year's commitment

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All good websites should come complete with a blog. I'm gonna come right out and say it - I LOVE running stuff. I love talking about drop heights in running shoes, sodium and amino acids in gels, the right tempo runs during a taper, glute max vs. psoas in hip extension, you name it, I'll talk about it. Boom. Running's my jam.