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MEET THE PHYSIO : Anne-Marie Bourgeois


The Running Physio is excited to introduce the newest, fantastic member of our team, Physiotherapist - Anna Marie Bourgeois!

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Running has always been a large part of Anne-Marie's life; she won her first cross-country race at the age of 12, and continued to compete throughout high school and university. After completing her Bachelor of Kinesiology at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Anne-Marie went on to spend two years volunteering in sport and play programs with Congolese Refugees in Tanzania. At York University she earned a Master of Arts in International Development Studies and worked with athletes with physical disabilities in Ghana. Anne-Marie later completed her Masters in Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto, graduating as valedictorian!

Anne-Marie recently captured the unicorn and ran the Boston Marathon! She runs numerous ultra-marathons and earned 2nd overall woman in her last 56km trail race. She is an avid cross-country skier and triathlete and has participated in numerous distance events, including the Canada Ski Marathon and the Ironman 70.3.

Anne-Marie is an energetic, highly motivated and versatile therapist who keeps the individual needs and goals of her clients at the forefront of all treatment sessions. She brings in-depth knowledge of manual therapy, gait mechanics, exercise prescription, and training ‘know-how’ to each client, each time. Her aim is to get you back to your meaningful activity and keep you there!

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What is your proudest athletic accomplishment? Last summer I finished as the second overall woman in a 56km trail race, with myself and the frontrunner both taking several minutes off a previous course record. I had a great time out there, one of those days where everything fell into place.


Where do you find your motivation? I simply love to run and always have. There’s a joy first of all in the movement itself, in the sense of pace you sometimes feel (on a good day anyway!), and I'm grateful to have a passion that challenges me as much as running does. And while I often head to the trails without my watch, I also appreciate the focus and discipline that training for an organized event can bring.

What is your favourite distance to race and why? I like the longer distances—particularly on single track, technical trails. There’s nothing like the physical and mental demands of running for hours in the forest and that necessity to be truly present for every step—lest you fall on your face. My next goal is a 100km trail race!

Why treat runners? As a runner I've had my own aches, pains and setbacks. I know what it’s like to be prevented from doing something you love, to feel that you’re not reaching your full potential due to injury. Thus, I can empathize. It’s a privilege to get to combine my own personal running experience with my professional physiotherapy skills, and I find a particular joy in seeing clients return to their own training and running routines!

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