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About Us

About Our Team

“I’d been putting off going but I’m really glad I did. I knew something wasn’t quite right and now Amanda has a clear plan to get me ship-shape so I can hit my running goals in 2020.”
— Lawrence B.

About Us

We can help. But don't just take our word for it.

Within our first year of operation, we earned 104 reviews with a 5-star reputation on Google. We're constantly pushing to do things better here. We aren't happy with the sub-standard care that is all too common in today's healthcare landscape. Your victories are ours - and if you're not getting better, we'll figure out how to make it happen. 
Seen physio before and didn't think it worked? Give it another go with us - we might just change your mind.

We are also proudly affiliated with the University of Toronto.

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