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Best Toronto Physiotherapy Near Me - Treat Your Running Injury


We do things a little different around these parts. So we threw a party to celebrate it. Want to know more about how we jam? Have a watch.

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Learn with your mind.
Move with your body.
Play with your life.
— TRP Mission Statement

At The Running Physio, we value your time, your body, and your goals. We want you to feel that each appointment is meaningful, purposeful, and educational. We believe in honouring our mind/body connection and our individual differences. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients regain confidence in their ability to move again. If you’re dealing with a running injury, we’ve got your back (or foot, or knee…). But, we’re also pretty keen to help you out for pretty much anything that doesn’t feel good (in fact we love a good challenge).

Our Registered Physiotherapists and RMT are expertly skilled in treating:

Neck and Shoulder pain
Low back pain
Tendonitis: Rotator Cuff, Tennis Elbow, Golfer's Elbow
Osteoarthritis Management
Post-Operative Rehab (ACL repairs, meniscus repairs, microfracture surgery)

We also offer pelvic health physiotherapy, vestibular physiotherapy, and concussion management.


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