The Running Physio





 Amanda graduated with an Honors Specialization B.A. in Kinesiology from Western University and a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy (MScPT) from the University of Toronto. 

Amanda leads a very active lifestyle herself, having played Women’s Contact Flag-Football over the past 10 years, for teams such as the University of Toronto and Western University. As a competitive Running Back, Amanda has extensive experience in speed, agility, and aerobic training programs. Amanda continues to stay active by weight training, running, and playing sports recreationally such as basketball, football, and squash. Her sporting background provides Amanda with a large bank of exercises and creative approaches to strengthening and conditioning.  

Amanda is certified in post-concussion syndrome management and has worked closely with other concussion specialists and pediatric concussion specialists at the Holland Bloorview Concussion Clinic in Toronto. Amanda is also certified in soft tissue release techniques and is working to complete her manual orthopedic levels, having successfully completed Level 1.  

Amanda has worked with a large variety of high-level athletes such as NBA summer league players, professional soccer players, sprinters, marathon runners, and cross fit athletes. Her approach to treatment is always catered to the individual and her goal is to get her patients back to doing the things in their lives that are meaningful to them by allowing them to surpass their physical limitations.  

To learn more about Amanda, you can follow her on her physio-gram @amandaphysio for exercises, education, and more!