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Aras Ruslys




Aras Ruslys is a Registered Physiotherapist who studied at the University of Sydney in Australia. There he worked closely with the West Harbour Rugby Union team providing on-field injury assessment and management, as well as off-field rehabilitation and return to sport training. This experience of on-field injury assessment and management as well as post-game integration with coaching staff along with his experience in a clinical setting have given him the ability to provide goal-oriented treatment in a diverse spectrum of environments. Aras volunteered at the Pan-Am Games in Toronto, helping to provide his medical expertise to diagnose and treat a variety of injuries. 

Aras is consistently seeking out the best ways to get his patients back on track and has added a significant number of skills to his treatment tool kit including but not limited to Concussion rehabilitation, Dry-needling (IMS), Gait Analysis, McKenzie MDT, Rehabilitation Pilates, Power-Lifting Rehabilitation, Mulligan’s techniques, and Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA). Currently, Aras is fully certified as an Emergency First Responder and is currently seeking his certification as a titled Sports Physiotherapist with Sports Physio Canada.  

When he’s not busy working, you might catch a glimpse of him on the water surfing, catching fly-balls in the outfield, running or cycling through the streets of Etobicoke, or hitting up one of the many courts of Toronto.