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TRP UPDATE and Rehab, Redefined.


Hey folks!

First of all...some pretty big news over at TRP! I am introducing a brand-spanking new slow motion video analysis tool. It's pretty awesome - you run, I video you, we play around with moving a little differently, then you run again and we re-shoot. I send you said video complete with written comments, and then boom - you've got your own vid ready to go on your phone, tablet, or PC. No more forgetting what we talked about in our session - it'll all be there for you to keep. As always, TRP is 100% paper-free and so all comments will just be provided in the video file itself, and then stored on a secure server. Check out the Services tab for pricing, and then book in to come and play with me :) 

I want to chat about a new concept I'm developing called Rehab, Redefined. And it starts with a question. What does the word "rehab" mean to you? What about the words "fitness" and "exercise"? 

So many people come to me a little hesitant that I'm going to "give them exercises". They're not wrong - I am going to give you exercises, but I don't view them as "exercises" in the typical way that we tend to consider the word. I like to think of them as different ways to move your body so that you can experience a feeling, a sensation, or maybe even an emotion that you've been out of touch with. Yes - these "exercises" are often based on physical findings like a weakness or a tightness, but they are also designed to rewire your brain and nervous system to perceive a particular movement in a different light. When I give you an exercise, I am creating a bridge between how you feel, and how you move. And this is what Rehab, Redefined is all about. Even the comma here is intentional - it's representative of placing pause into our lives. Sometimes we just need to experience what's going on around us, *pause*, feel what's going on within us, *pause*, focus.....and move. Placing some space between the action and the reaction is where we can learn to listen to what our body, mind, and intuition is telling us. Sometimes it's telling us to move a little more, and sometimes it's telling us to move a little less. Don't get me wrong - I support a solid life hustle. But I also support listening and not just hearing. Doing less to accomplish more. And living, not just being.

How do you feel about how we perceive "exercise", "health", and "fitness"? Let's bring it back to basics and have some fun with it! 

Yours in health,

PT L.Rob