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Meet the Physio: Leslie Kleiner

The Running Physio is excited to announce the addition of a fantastic new member to our team, Physiotherapist - Leslie Kleiner. 

Leslie first caught the running bug at the age of 13 when a soccer coach introduced a 5km run into her  training plan. That first 5k run left Leslie with an equal mix of defeat and determination - defeated by shin splints and burning lungs but determined to master the sport and be pain free in the process. 

Prior to becoming a physiotherapist, Leslie obtained her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology at Western University. It was during this time where her experiences as the athetic trainer for the varsity cross country team when Leslie grew passionate about working with runners. She later received her Masters in Physiotherapy from the University of Toronto. 

Leslie is a certified yoga instructor and she enjoys practicing yoga regularly as a compliment to her running regimen. She is trained in acupuncture and dry needling and she has taken additional courses to advance her manual therapy practice. Leslie shares our client centered idoligy and  practices an individualized approach to treatment, ensuring she is able to help clients achieve their goals in a timely and effective way. 

Interested in knowing a litte more about Leslie? Keep scrolling!   

What is your proudest athletic accomplishment? My proudest athletic accomplishment was completing my first 10km run to raise money for autistic children with a time of 39 minutes after never having run more than 8km prior to that.

Where do you find your motivation? I find my motivation from friends that I run with and the runners high that changes a tough day into a great one.

What is your favourite distance to race and why? I have historically been a 5-10km runner. I love the distance because I can challenge myself by increasing speed quite a bit. I have recently become more intrigued by the marathon, so my next goal is to concur a half!

Why treat runners? I have a special interest in treating runners because firstly, I truly enjoy keeping runners running - I understand the importance of staying injury free in order to practice the sport that we love. Secondly, runners generally have type-A personalities and I like working with people who will challenge me!

Leslie will be treating patients starting Saturday, February 4. To book an appointment click here