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Hydration 101

It’s been a HOT summer in Toronto which makes now the perfect time to talk hydration. Think of it as a little summer running hack: hydrating correctly helps you maximize your workouts, keeps you healthy and can actually help you recover. We’ve talked briefly in our muscle cramp blog about the role hydration plays in cramping, but let’s dive deeper.

Studies show that being more than 2% dehydrated during your run causes a decline in your performance making it harder to hit your splits and race goals. When we’re dehydrated, our blood volume drops, forcing our hearts to work harder making it difficult for our bodies to keep up with the aerobic demands.

A easy way to prevent dehydration...stay hydrated! It’s important to hydrate before, during and after your runs. Generally for runs or strenuous activity lasting over 60mins (especially when it’s warm) we encourage bringing water along for the ride, or plan a route with fountain breaks. Post activity hydration is just as important as it replenishes the fluids lost during exercises and helps aid muscle repair.

A proper hydration plan should also include electrolytes. Electrolyte needs, much like hydration needs will vary person to person, but a pre and/or post run electrolyte fuel up is always a great idea. Electrolyte drinks help replenish the minerals lost during excessive sweating and help keep your body balanced - and you know how much we love balance!

Remember proper hydration, isn’t something we should only be thinking about while running - our bodies work better when we’re hydrated all the time. Take a water bottle with you to work and try to drink and fill it back up again a few times, don’t be surprised to see your running improve when you do!

Stay hydrated :)


Lauren Roberts