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The "O" Word.

The Off Season. Is there ever a true “off season” for running?

The winter running folks would answer a hard “no” to this question, but at TRP we tend to disagree. Running, like any sport, consists of building things up, executing a “goal”, and then recovering in prep for the next cycle. As much as we love running, we also love recovery, reflection, and a time to revamp your plan - especially if you’ve been managing an injury.

Now that the big Toronto races are over, take a few minutes over the next while to think about the following things:

  • What worked well for me this season?

  • What didn’t work? What were the circumstances surrounding this particular time?

    • Was I getting enough sleep?

    • Was I eating well?

    • Was I taking care of my body tissues with stretching and foam rolling?

  • Do I feel strong?

  • Do I still LIKE running? (Seriously. Ask yourself this question. It’s where the real good stuff comes out).

  • Do I have other things in life that make me happy aside from running?

  • If you were injured - what did you do about it? Did it work? Are you better?

  • What can I do during this downtime that will help me be more successful come the spring?

At TRP, we actually LOVE this time of year. We get to work with all of our patients without the stress of the impending race. It’s a little more chill, a little more relaxed, and a little more cozy in here. We get to really start to push the strength agenda and play around a little.

We’re also pretty psyched to announce our off-season “ACTIVATE” series. Join us for eight weeks as we teach you lower and upper body strengthening exercises that are simple yet challenging all at the same time. Each class focusses on a particular body aspect so that you can truly understand what goes into running well and how you can stay healthy and strong for next season. With progressively harder content, by the end of Week 8 we’ll be taking on plyometrics and power work. Yup. That’s code for “Spring PB”.

Registration will be open soon, so stay tuned ;)

In the meantime, the theme of this week has been “Patient’s With Weak Quads” - and this has been a surefire exercise that’s helped a handful out. It’s a little too good not to share. Try er’ out and let us know how you make out.