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3 Ways to Keep Those New Years Resolutions for Good

Don’t stop halfway up.

Don’t stop halfway up.

A fresh start. You’ve spent a week feeling reflective, pensive. Newly recharged. The goals are written in your new planner. You’re getting up earlier, and you’re decreasing screen time. You’ve cut out those processed foods from your kitchen. You. Feel. Great.

Then you head back to work, and within a few weeks, those old problems start popping up again. You’re stuck at work late and end up having to buy dinner on your way home. You go to bed too late and can’t pull yourself out of bed the next morning to sit on your new meditation cushion. By February, your motivation is waning and those new running shoes that were meant to be your #fitspo are already getting a little dusty. Optimism and motivation becomes replaced with irritability and fatigue. The gym crowds begin to thin. The running shoes still call your name, but “it’s cold out”.

As humans, we can get pretty stuck in our routines. Here are a few tips for how to stick to those goals, no matter what life throws at you.

1) Don’t aim for perfection.

Beware of the “all or nothing” trap. Life doesn’t work in extremes. Miss one run? No problem. Feeling tired so you order takeout on Friday? All good. Don’t beat yourself up over these “slipups” - because life isn’t perfect and it certainly isn’t a series of polar right or wrong decisions. Just get back out and get that run in shamelessly when you can. And sometimes you just really do need to make love to a cheeseburger. On the whole - consistency is key.

2) Use time as a variable if possible, and start with small chunks.

To say you’re going to meditate 30 minutes every day is a pretty big chunk of time to have to magically carve out of your already-full schedule. Especially when it feels difficult and not necessarily even like it’s doing anything beneficial for you. Saying your going to run 5 km a day from never running at all will not only just make you super sore and discouraged, but also set you up for injury. Remember life has many options and sliding scales. Maybe you meditate for 5 minutes per day for a couple of weeks, and then 10. Maybe you start with a few minutes of run/walking every other day, and gradually increase from there. Or maybe….

3) Make a Plan (or talk to someone who can help you to make one)

There are a lot of professionals out there who are really, really awesome at what they do. From Piano Teachers to Psychologists, remember that there are people out there who know more than you about your chosen goal, and the more you know, the more empowered you are. Want to run 5 km a day? We can help you with that, and be sure that you don’t get injured in the process. Want to ditch that nagging knee pain? Hint - if it hasn’t gone away on it’s own yet, you should probably get some help aside from Dr. Google. Plus teaming up with a professional to reach your goal also helps to keep you accountable and on-track. And if you like goals and processes as much as we do, you may be a perfect candidate for our new Running Programs - designed by runners, for runners. Excuse a humble brag here for one second - did you know that The Running Physio was the first and original physio clinic in Toronto designed exclusively with runners in mind?

So - Don’t be afraid to set some big ones, but also remember above all that patience is king in the world of lifestyle changes.

Happy 2019 everyone, let’s make it a good one!

Lauren Roberts