The Running Physio

Leslie Kleiner




Leslie Kleiner started running at the age of 13 after her soccer coach introduced a 5km run into the training plan, which resulted in shortness of breath, shin splints, and a feeling of defeat. She was determined ever since to master the sport and be pain free in the process. She has a strong passion for health and fitness and enjoys leading an active lifestyle. In addition to running, she enjoys snowboarding, playing soccer, and hockey.

Prior to becoming a physiotherapist, she obtained her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology at Western University where she grew passionate about working with runners throughout her experience as the athletic trainer for the varsity cross country team. She received her Masters in Physiotherapy from the University of Toronto.

Leslie is a certified yoga instructor and she enjoys practicing yoga regularly as a compliment to her running regimen. She is trained in acupuncture and dry needling and she has taken additional courses to advance her manual therapy practice. Leslie practices a client centered and individualized approach to treatment in order to help clients achieve their goals in a timely and effective way.