The Running Physio
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Nutrition Coaching 

Are you lacking energy to make it through your busy day or workout? Are you chronically plagued with injuries like stress fractures? Are you often confused about what to eat? You’re not alone and we’re excited to help you!

The Running Physio offers personalized nutrition programs including one, two, or three month options. We focus on the foods you love, your specific lifestyle, and day-to-day schedule. Our approach is not “one size fits all” and we believe success is not perfection, it’s making a better choice than you would have yesterday. We offer FREE consultations so that you can determine which program is best for you. Click here to find a time!

All three programs include:

  • A personalized, simple online daily food tracking account (app and website both available)

  • A one day example meal plan (5-6 meals included)

  • Daily review of your eating with online, educational feedback covering the changes you should make in your nutrition to hit your specific health goals

  • Online feedback includes proper meal timing based on your schedule, healthier food substitutions, healthier brand recommendations, healthy restaurant eating tips, and strategic placement of meals

  • An open line of communication for you to ask any nutrition related questions when they arise