The Running Physio



Proudly affiliated with the University of Toronto.

Our philosophy was developed over five years by physiotherapist and runner Lauren Roberts. It has since been adopted by the University of Toronto’s Physical Therapy program to teach upcoming graduates how to best assess and treat runners.

The Three Cornerstone Approach

The Three Cornerstone Approach was developed as an elevated method to assessing and treating pain and specifically to pain related to running. Whereby traditional rehabilitation views the body in isolation, we’ve taken things a step further by integrating findings from three Key Cornerstones:

Cornerstone 1: Movement Strategies


How do you move through the world? How do you get from A to B? How does your range of motion, joint movement, and strength affect this? While there is no “right” or “wrong” way to move, we take a good hard look at how you’re doing it. 

Cornerstone 2: Goals or Gait Analysis


Once we know your movement strategies, we can see how they are reflected in your running or goal activity. This helps us pull together what is important to focus on and/or what is most likely contributing to your injury. 

Cornerstone 3: Lifestyle & Training


How often you run, what’s on your feet, and other things like mental headspace, sleep, and nutrition all play a very important role in how you feel day-to-day. We discuss all of these contributing factors and help guide you in identifying and making small changes in your life so that you can move forward with knowledge and confidence. 

“I have followed Lauren all over the city, through the various injuries I’ve sustained over the years. She is no-nonsense, exceedingly knowledgeable and has the best bedside manner for those who are sad/annoyed/frustrated about their injuries. I’ve always felt so much better leaving her care. The team that she has formed at TRP is top-notch; everyone is on top of their game, patient and kind. Run - don’t walk! - to TRP if you want to heal into a better version of yourself.”
— Olivia Y