The Running Physio
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Not a runner but still have pain? No problem! Our team can help you with all issues. We love treating plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon pain, patellofemoral and ITB (knee) pain, hip pain, and low back pain. We also provide post-operative rehab for surgeries such as ACL repairs.

New patients should start off with an Initial Assessment. Your therapist will discuss a realistic plan for you during your first appointment so you’ll know exactly what We utilize a combination of manual (hands-on) approaches as well as include a specific exercise program and free app for home use to keep you on track.

Trust the process. Have some patience. It works.

“Really friendly, very knowledgeable. It’s only been a few weeks but they’ve already helped make such a difference in getting better and making a plan to come back from injury and how I can come into my normal running routine again.”
— Leah S